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Toyota Fortuner -  2009
Toyota Fortuner -  2009

The Toyota Fortuner (also known as Toyota SW4) is a medium-sized SUV, the bases of which are taken from the Toyota Hilux platform.

This car feels confident both on the road and off-road. It possesses qualities of a full-fledged SUV.

Fortuner has a third row of seats and is available in a four-wheel drive variant.

Release date: 2009
Body type: SUV
engine capacity: 4.0
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: White
Fuel: Petrol
Drive unit: Four-wheel drive
Steering wheel: From the left side
Number of seats: 5

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About Toyota Fortuner - 2009

Toyota Fortuner: 2005 - 2014

The first generation of the car, constructed on the basis of the Toyota Hilux pickup, the world saw in 2005. From its forerunner Fortuner adopted the suspension and interior (also designed for seven passengers). The car is produced with a full and rear drive.

The engine Fortuner took from its "older brothers" Land Cruiser and Prado, and the technical characteristics resembled the PAB 4 crossover.

Toyota Fortuner was a kind of a collapsible car. In different countries it was sold under different brands, but in fact they differed only in some details and nuances (in Japan it was Toyota Hillux Surf, in the USA - Toyota 4Runner, and in EuropePrado).

The first generation of cars was equipped with two types of engines:

2.7-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 160 hp with a torque of 241 N*m. It should be noted that the engine for such a large car was weak (up to 100 km / hour - 12 seconds), but on the other hand had a low fuel consumption (about 9.5 liters on the highway and 13.5 liters in the city).

3-liter diesel unit with a power of 163 horsepower and a torque of 343 N*m. Equipped with such an engine a car could accelerated up to 100 km / hour in 11.7 seconds, and consumed 7.1 and 11.4 liters of diesel while driving on the highway and in the city, respectively.

The basic equipment was rear-wheel drive, but if desired, it was possible to replace the system with an all-wheel drive system for an additional price. As for the switch box, the choice was between the 4-speed automatic transmission and the 5-speed mechanics.

Technical specifications: Toyota Fortuner - 2009

General information

Country of origin, Japan

Car class, J

Number of doors, 5

Seating capacity, 7


Dimensions, mm

Length, 4705

Width, 1840

Height, 1795


Clearance, 220

Width of the front track, 1540

Width of the rear track, 1540


Volume and mass

Trunk volume min / max, 620 l

Fuel tank capacity,65 l

Curb weight, 1755 kg

Full mass, 2380 kg



Transmission, automatic

Number of gears,4

Drive type, full


Suspension and brakes

The type of the front suspension is independent, spring

Ventilated front disc brakes

Rear brakes, drum


Performance indicators

The brand of fuel, AI-95



Type of engine, gasoline

Engine location, front & longitudinal

Engine capacity, 2693 cm³

Type of boost, no

Maximum power, hp / kW at rpm 163/120 at 5200

The maximum torque, N * m at rpm 241 at 3800

The arrangement of cylinders, in-line

Number of cylinder, 4

Number of valves per cylinder, 4

Distributed Injection (multipoint) engine power supply system


Rent terms: Toyota Fortuner - 2009

  • Area of operation of the car - Kyrgyzstan
  • Departure abroad is possible with our driver
  • The tenant's age is at least 25 years and not more than 65 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Minimum driving experience - 3 years
  • Limitations on the mileage limit - 250 km / day
  • Exceeding the limit of $ 0.35 per km
Date from
Date to
(+35 USD)

Total: 0 USD.

Number of selected days: 1.

Price per day: USD.

Deposit amount: 700 USD.

Arrange: Toyota Fortuner - 2009

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