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Mitsubishi Pajero - 2004
Mitsubishi Pajero - 2004

The Mitsubishi Pajero belongs to the class of cars with increased off-road performance. The third generation of this famous SUV was significantly different from previous generations. The impression was that the Japanese engineers at the turn of the millennium decided to release an absolutely new SUV, which was completely different from all the others. When developing this model, manufacturers used all the experience that accumulated over 18 years of release of previous generations of this model.

Release date: 2004
Body type: SUV
engine capacity: 3.0
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Silver
Fuel: Petrol
Drive unit: Four-wheel drive
Steering wheel: From the left side
Number of seats: 5

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About Mitsubishi Pajero - 2004

Mitsubishi Company was founded in 1873 by Yataro Iwasaki. Initially, it was a shipbuilding and ship- repair company. Today the company produces a wide range of machineries - from buses and heavy trucks to compact city cars. The headquarters is in the city of Tokyo. The first Mitsubishi car - Model-A - was produced in Japan in 1917 and immediately gained popularity. After the war, the production of cars was resumed only in 1960 with the production of the Mitsubishi 500 sedan. In 1982 the Mitsubishi Company produced the famous Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. Today Mitsubishi is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

If we consider the external characteristics of Pajero of the third generation in a five-door body, it becomes apparent that the dimensions of the car has slightly increased in comparison with the previous version. This effect is also created by rounded body shapes in the area of ​​wheel arches. It became 70 mm longer and 100 mm wider. The Japanese designers tried to use even such a slight increase in the size at most. The car got a third row of seats for two people that could be hidden in the floor of the luggage compartment, if there was no need to use it. Thus, the five-door Pajero could carry up to seven people, and its smaller three-door «brother» up to five.

The technical specifications of Mitsubishi Pajero of the third generation depended on the engines with which it was completed. The car was equipped with diesel engines with a volume of 2.5 and 3.2 liters and petrol 3.5-3.8 liter units. They were able to develop the power from 115 to 202 horsepower. Mitsubishi Pajero 3 diesel was the most economical and consumed up to 10 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, while the «appetite» of petrol engines exceeded 15 liters per hundred kilometers. Both were equipped with a mechanical or automatic gearbox. The engines of this series were the pride of the Japanese engineers - they had a direct fuel injection system. Mitsubishi Pajero 3 diesel was in great demand in the west, in our country the gasoline engine was much more popular. The gasoline engine of the Pajero 3 was able to speed up this two-ton vehicle to hundreds km per hour in 10.6 seconds.

Technical specifications: Mitsubishi Pajero - 2004


Type of SUV body, 5

Number of doors, 5

Number of seats, 7


Dimensions, mm

Width, 1895 mm

Length, 4770 mm

Height, 1855 mm

Wheelbase, 2780 mm

Ground clearance, 235 mm

The front track, 1560 mm

The rear track, 1560 mm


Volume and mass

The trunk volume min, 415 l

The trunk volume max, 1700 l



Type of engine, gasoline       

Engine capacity, 2972 cm³

Power ,180 hp

Gas distributing mechanism (SOHC)

The arrangement of the cylinders is V-shaped

Number of cylinders, 6

The brand of fuel, AI-95

At revolutions, 5500

Torque, 265/4000 N * m

Degree of compression, 9

Number of valves per cylinder, 4

Distributed Injection engine power supply system

The diameter of the cylinder is 91.1 mm

Piston stroke, 76 mm

Engine Model, 6G72



Transmission, automatic

Number of gears, 5

Drive type, full

Number of gears (automatic gearbox), 5

Gear ratio of main pair is 3.87



Front suspension type, double crossbar

Rear suspension type, helical spring


Brake system

Front brakes, ventilated discs

Rear brakes, ventilated discs



Steering type, steering rack

Turning circle, 11.4 m


Performance indicators

Permissible gross weight, 2445 kg

Fuel tank capacity, 90 l

Tire size, 265/70 R16 H

Rent terms: Mitsubishi Pajero - 2004

  • Area of operation of the car - Kyrgyzstan
  • Departure abroad is possible with our driver
  • The tenant's age is at least 25 years and not more than 65 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Minimum driving experience - 3 years
  • Limitations on the mileage limit - 250 km / day
  • Exceeding the limit of $ 0.35 per km
Date from
Date to
(+35 USD)

Total: 0 USD.

Number of selected days: 1.

Price per day: USD.

Deposit amount: 500 USD.

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