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Nissan Pathfinder - 2003
Nissan Pathfinder - 2003

The Nissan Pathfinder is a restyling model.  A full-size crossover of the second generation with very good qualities of an off-road car.

With the integrated body and automatic connection of the all-wheel drive.

Release date: 2003
Body type: SUV
engine capacity: 3.5
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Golden
Fuel: Petrol
Drive unit: Four-wheel drive
Steering wheel: From the left side
Number of seats: 5

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About Nissan Pathfinder - 2003

The new model of Nissan Pathfinder has undergone modernization. In 2001, a new V6 engine with 24 valves made of aluminum appeared under the hood of the vehicle.

The engine has become more powerful and more economical than its forerunner. The working volume of the engine is 3.5 liters, it is able to develop power within 220 - 240 hp. Along with the engine, there are two versions of the gearbox: a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 4-speed automatic.

The gas distribution system has become more complicated – with the dynamic control. The engine has been equipped with several sophisticated electronic systems: SOFIS (Advanced Fuel Injection Optimization System), ECCS (Continuous Monitoring System), OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic System), NCVCS (Intake Opening Time Control System), NDIS (Direct Injection System), NVIS (System of variable intake system), etc.

The optics has also changed. The parabolic lights closed with shock-resistant glass have been installed. Many electric devices that make life easier for the driver have appeared, e.g. door locks with heating, the sensor of automatic headlamps depending on the lighting, the Vehicle Security System (VSS) that is controlled with a keychain, air conditioning with climate control, heated rear passenger seat and a full electropackage (glasses, mirrors, sunroof, and seats).

Nissan Pathfinder of the second generation is a car, combining passability and comfort.

Technical specifications: Nissan Pathfinder - 2003

General information

Country of origin, Japan

Car class, J

Number of doors, 5

Seating capacity, 5


Dimensions, mm

Length, 4530

Width, 1840

Height, 1750

Wheelbase, 2700

Clearance, 210

Width of the front track, 1485

Width of the rear track, 1485

Wheel size, 255/65/R16

Trunk volume min / max, 435/1670 l

Fuel tank capacity, 80 l

Curb weight, 1950 kg

Full mass, 2400 kg



Transmission, automatic

Number of gears, 4

Drive type, full


Suspension and brakes

The type of the front suspension is independent, spring

The type of the rear suspension is dependent, spring

Ventilated front disc brakes

Rear brakes, drum


Performance indicators

Maximum speed, 164 km / h

Acceleration to 100 km / h, from 9.2

Fuel consumption, city / highway, 15.7/12.7 l

The brand of fuel, AI-95



Type of engine, gasoline

Engine capacity, 3498 cm³

Type of boost, no

Maximum power, hp / kW at rpm 243 / 179 at 6000

The maximum torque, N * m at rpm 359 at 3200

The arrangement of the cylinders, V-shaped

Number of cylinder, 6

Number of valves per cylinder, 4

Distributed Injection (multipoint) engine power supply system

Degree of compression, 10

Rent terms: Nissan Pathfinder - 2003

  • Area of operation of the car - Kyrgyzstan
  • Departure abroad is possible with our driver
  • The tenant's age is at least 25 years and not more than 65 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Minimum driving experience - 3 years
  • Limitations on the mileage limit - 250 km / day
  • Exceeding the limit of $ 0.35 per km
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(+35 USD)

Total: 0 USD.

Number of selected days: 1.

Price per day: USD.

Deposit amount: 500 USD.

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