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Mercedes Sprinter - 13 мест
Mercedes Sprinter - 13 мест

Sprinter Tourist bus is designed for excursions, working on intercity lines, serving delegations.
Tourist minibus Sprinter Tourist is ideal for trips by a large company, whether corporate rest, excursion to another city or meeting of business partners. Prestigious, high-tech and comfortable tourist minibus Sprinter Tourist - the leader in the segment of small passenger transportation

Release date: 2000
Body type: Minivan
engine capacity: 2,3
Transmission: Manual
Colour: White
Fuel: Diesel
Drive unit: Rear
Steering wheel: From the left side
Number of seats: 13

Rent a car with a driver in the city
Cost of 1 hour Minimum hours Working day hours
450 Som / hour 4 8

Passenger transportation through the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic
Price for 1 km (asphalt) Cost for 1 km (off-road) *Waiting (idle) per day *Waiting (idle) per hour
25 Som / km 27 Som / km 2400 Som / day 300 Som / hour

About Mercedes Sprinter - 13 мест

Produced since 1996, the Sprinter, which has already undergone one external restyling in 2000, was again renewed in 2002: a new form of front lighting with transparent lenses, rear lights, a radiator grille and new finishing materials. Optionally for Sprinter, a heated windscreen, a rain sensor and a shelf above the dashboard are assumed. In addition to ZDD versions, you can order four-wheel drive (Full-time or part-time transmission with a demultiplexer.) The Bus-ESP system, modernized for commercial transport, prevents the rear axle from drifting into the turn.

Technical specifications: Mercedes Sprinter - 13 мест

Specifications Mercedes Sprinter 2.3 D

General information
Vehicle type Passenger car
Body type Minibus Make Mercedes-Benz
Model Sprinter Generation Sprinter Modification 2.3 D
Country of brand Germany Year of construction 1994 - 2003 Number of doors 5 Number of seats 13
Engine Location of engine Front,
transversely Engine capacity,
cm³ 2.299 Power hp 79 Torque 130 Position and number of cylinders Row /
4 Number of valves per cylinder 2 Engine power system Diesel Transmission
Transmission МКПП5 Drive type Rear Performance 

Rent terms: Mercedes Sprinter - 13 мест

Transportation services


1. The Subject of the Agreement.

Subject of the Agreement.
The Contractor carries out activities to provide transportation services at the request of the Customer, and the Customer pays for these services on the terms and conditions provided for in this Agreement, according to the rates indicated in the Appendix.
2, Obligations of the performer.

According to Appendix No. 2, provide complete, clean, technically sound and fully ready-to-use cars with driver services for customer service.
The Contractor shall bear the costs of the maintenance and operation of the vehicle (including the costs of parking, washing), as well as the costs of conducting maintenance repairs.
The Executor conducts trainings with drivers on safety precautions and compliance with traffic rules in accordance with approved standards and coordinates the actions for carrying out scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of vehicles specified in Appendix No. 2.
Observe the confidentiality of information that became known to the Contractor in the process of work, to ensure the safety of commercial secrets.
The Contractor is obliged to provide the driver with a cellular phone and undertakes to maintain a positive balance in the asset of the mobile operator.
The Contractor has a license to organize passenger transportation by road.
The Contractor ensures the presence in the cars of an active heating system for air conditioning, curtains on all windows.
Ensure the delivery of the vehicle for the provision of transportation services after cleaning outside and inside the cabin, pre-trip technical control of the Vehicle, medical examination.

Obligations of the Customer.
Timely pay for services to the Contractor in the amount and in the order established in Article 4 of this Agreement.
Do not require the Contractor to arrive, stop and park in places forbidden for this purpose by the "Rules of the Road".
Mutual settlements.
Payment to the Contractor is made by prepayment in the amount of 100% according to the request of the customer. Unforeseen expenses must be paid by the customer upon the provision of additional services.
Special conditions

The Customer has the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally in the event of a single, gross violation by the Contractor of the provisions of this Agreement.
This Agreement may be terminated by either Party unilaterally before the expiry of its validity term, with written notification of the other party not less than 10 days before the date of termination.
Force Majeure.
Neither party shall be liable (in whole or in part) for failure to perform obligations caused by force majeure events.
Term of the contract, the procedure for its execution.
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its signing by the Parties and shall remain in effect until termination.
All changes, supplements and additions to this contract are valid if they are made in writing and signed by both parties.
This Agreement is made in Russian in two copies, all of which have the same legal force, one of which is kept by the Customer, and the other - by the Contractor.

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