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Mazda Tribute - 2003
Mazda Tribute - 2003

The Mazda Tribute is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. This car has a four-wheel drive, a comfortable cabin and is easy in steering. It combines the consumer qualities of a passenger car with the parameters of an SUV.

Release date: 2003
Body type: Crossover
engine capacity: 3.0
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Green
Fuel: Petrol
Drive unit: four-wheel drive
Steering wheel: From the left side
Number of seats: 5

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About Mazda Tribute - 2003

Mazda Tribute is a chic SUV has an individual style, which is complemented by a spacious and comfortable interior. The appearance of Tribute is consistent with modern standards. High car with a tightly downed body, endowed with all the generic features inherent in Mazda cars. This model organically combines the sports character with the cross-country SUV. It combines elegance and elegance with a stern and purposeful appearance. Reasonable dimensions facilitate maneuverability, but the Tribute is still higher and wider, as well as more spacious than other cars in this class.

Technical specifications: Mazda Tribute - 2003

Dimensions and volumes
Body type: SUV 5 DV.
Number of doors: 5
Number of places: 5
Length: 4395 mm
Width: 1825 mm
Height: 1765 mm
Wheelbase: 2620 mm
Front track: 1550 mm
Rear track: 1530 mm
Ground clearance: 200 mm
Maximum trunk capacity: 2245 l
The minimum amount of Luggage: 457 l

Power plant
Engine type: Petrol
Engine capacity: 2967 cm3
Power: 203 HP
If the rpm: 6200
Torque: 271/3000 n*m
Power system: Distributed injection
Gas distribution mechanism: DOHC
Cylinder arrangement: V-shaped
Number of cylinders: 6
Compression ratio: 10
Fuel: AI-95
Number of valves per cylinder: 4
The cylinder diameter: 89 mm
Piston stroke: 79.5 mm

Gearbox type: Automatic
Number of gears: 4 4
Drive: Full
Number of gears (automatic transmission): 4
Transfer ratio of the main pair: 3.78

Front brakes: ventilated Disc
Rear brakes: Drum
Operating characteristic
Maximum speed: 190 km / h
Acceleration time (0-100 km / h): 11.8 s
Curb weight of the car: 1590 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 61 l
Tire size: 235/70 R16 H
Fuel consumption in the city per 100 km: 15.7 l
Fuel consumption on the highway per 100 km: 9.3 l
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle per 100 km 12.8 l
Permissible gross weight: 2075 kg

Suspension and steering
Front suspension type: coil spring
Rear suspension type: coil spring
Steering type: Gear-rail

Rent terms: Mazda Tribute - 2003

  • Area of operation of the car - Kyrgyzstan
  • Departure abroad is possible with our driver
  • The tenant's age is at least 25 years and not more than 65 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Minimum driving experience - 3 years
  • Limitations on the mileage limit - 250 km / day
  • Exceeding the limit of $ 0.35 per km
Date from
Date to
(+35 USD)

Total: 0 USD.

Number of selected days: 1.

Price per day: USD.

Deposit amount: 400 USD.

Arrange: Mazda Tribute - 2003

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