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  • Every company strives to adhere to its unique corporate style, in which cars are the integral part. However, not all organizations can afford to buy new expensive cars. An excellent solution to the issue may be the corporate car lease in Bishkek or the corporate operational leasing. Before estimating the benefits of this service, let's consider the situation when the company still decides to purchase its own fleet of vehicles.

  • In this case, there is a need for a large investment of funds. A significant amount that could go to the development of your company or social organization is instantly "eaten up" by cars. But that's not all. Transport requires a regular maintenance and therefore funds for regular oil change, filters, maintenance, purchase of summer / winter tires. Also, you will need to have drivers and technical personnel on your staff. And if your employees need the cars only from time to time means that most of the time the transport will simply stand idle. It's not wise, is it?

  • It is much easier and more profitable to use the "car rental service in Bishkek". Better yet, choose the corporate operational leasing. In this case, you call us, tell us what brands and models of cars you need. We buy for you the required number of cars. You take them for a long lease (for a period of more than 1 year). During this period of time, your employees drive only quality cars. We are responsible for the maintenance. And above all, you get the minimum prices for car rental. After the expiration of the long-term lease, you can renew the contract or buy the cars from us. In this case, they will also be provided to you at the lowest price.

  • We will be glad to start cooperation with the companies interested in cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. More information about the terms of cooperation you can find out by calling us («Contacts» button).

 The cost of operational leasing includes:

  • Engineering for fleet management.
  • The possibility of providing corporate discounts for the purchase of cars.
  • Help when choosing a car.
  • Legal support when buying, registering and insuring.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Legal support in case of insured events.
  • A replacement car for the period of repair and maintenance.
  • Storage of automobile tires.
  • Providing emergency assistance and 24-hour technical support.