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  • High-quality technical assistance 24 hours a day!

  • Any professional and high-quality rent-a-car in Bishkek is not only an office, a large selection of cars, it is primarily a technical service. You will agree that it's not enough just to take a beautiful, polished car. It is important that the transport would be reliable during the whole term of the lease. Our company places special emphasis on providing a round-the-clock technical support. In case of any problems with the leased transport, you can always dial our managers and tell about the problem. We immediately respond to all your requests and try to solve them in the shortest possible period of time.
  • Car and motorcycle rental services in Bishkek from our company assume that during your stay on the territory of Kyrgyzstan we can replace your transport within 24 hours if necessary. In other words, you do not risk anything cooperating with us. Our support is an integral part of the service.
  • It should also be noted that before we offer you this or that transport, we carry out its complete maintenance. To ensure a high level of quality, we have our own staff of technicians who regularly inspect cars and motorcycles.
  • Renting a car in Bishkek from «Compass» is a guarantee that you will get a quality service at an affordable price. We will do everything to ensure that your trip will be at the highest level.