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vehicles leasing for natural and legal persons



1.1. Requirements to Lessee

1.1.1. Age – over 25 years old

1.1.2. Driving experience – over 3 years

1.2. Documents required for concluding Lease Vehicle Contract:

1.2.1. for natural persons:


International Drive License or Kyrgyz Republic Drive License.

1.2.2. for legal persons:

Registration License (original and copy);

Statistical Chart (original and copy);

Constituent Agreement (original);

Charter (original);

Proceedings of Director Appointment (original and copy);

Power of Attorney for Representative (original).

1.3. Period of leasing and territory of exploitation

1.3.1. Minimal period of vehicle leasing – 1 day

1.3.2. Exploitation territory – Kyrgyz Republic

1.3.3. The mileage is limited to 250 kilometers a day

In case of mileage exceeding Lessee pays $ 0,35 per every extra kilometer.

1.4. Rental

1.4.1. The rent is fixed according to Price List.

1.4.2. The order of payment:

- In case of vehicle rent for less then 1 month Lessee pays 100% of total rent amount;

- In case of vehicle rent for more than one month – Lessee pays 100% of total rent amount for one month. Next payment will be done by Lessee not later than 03 (third) day of each paid month.

1.4.3. Ways of payment:

• Payment in cash;

• Transfer;

• Plastic payment card (Visa);

1.4.4. There is flexible discount system for patrons.

1.5. The guarantee of vehicle appropriate using

As a guarantee of Lessee’s appropriate following to Terms of Leasing and accounting by Lease Vehicle Contract Lessee pays to Lessor interest-free loan.

The rate of loan is fixed personally for each of Lessee and pointed at Lease Vehicle Contract. The loan is supposed to be paid at the moment of Contract signing.

1.6. Vehicle insurance

The vehicles are insured by Lessor.

Insured risks:

- Motor physical damages insurance;

- Motor third party liability insurance.


The Insurance Company does not cover losses if damage happened by Lessee’s not following to one of the items of Chapter II “RULES OF VEHICLE EXPLOITATION” of present terms.

1) If damage happened by the fault of Lessee and it is not foreseen by Insurance Policy than Lessee bears full costs for vehicle restoration;

2) If accident happened by the fault of Lessee and it is foreseen by Insurance Policy than Lessee is obliged to pay franchise (the measure of damages which are not covered by insurance policy) for vehicle restoration.


2.1. Lessee's obligations

The Lessee is obliged:

2.1.1. To use vehicle in accordance with its destination;

2.1.2. To follow rules of vehicle technical operation and traffic rules;

2.1.3. Lessee – natural person has to drive personally. The Lessee is forbidden to pass the vehicle to third persons on any terms.

Lessee – legal person is entitled to authorize three of its employees to drive vehicle. By Lessee – legal person wish it is possible to appoint more than 3 employees according to additional agreement concluded with Lessor.

2.1.4. Do not drive vehicle being drunk, sick or fatigued.

2.1.5. Do not use the vehicle for transportation of load, explosives, combustibles, inflammables, radio actives and drugs.

2.1.6. Do not lease the vehicle to third persons; do not conclude any other agreements with third persons about using vehicle as private taxi.

2.1.7. To bear costs concerned with vehicle operation including fuel, cleaning and pay any duties, taxes and takings, as well.

2.1.8. To provide vehicle safety within unusable period. To turn on the alarm signal and leave the vehicle at paid parking places;

2.1.9. To make any improvements (separable, inseparable) of vehicle only after written consent of Lessor.

2.1.10. To return the vehicle clean interior and exterior. The fuel tank should contain the same quantity of fuel like at the moment of vehicle leasing.

2.2. Lessee actions in case of accident

2.2.1. In case of accident Lessee is obliged: Not to move the vehicle which is participant of accident; To call representative of the Lessor; To call representatives of Insurance Company; To call police; To write down the names, telephone numbers and addresses of witnesses.

2.2.2. In case of vehicle damage through third persons fault (burglary, hooliganism) the Lessee has to: Call representatives of Lessor; Immediately address to Inner Affairs Bodies with incident statement together with representative of the Lessor.

2.3. Lessee’s responsibility

If Lessee does not follow one of the items of present terms of leasing and it causes damage or loss of vehicle then Lessee bears full property responsibility.

In case of Lessee’s not following one of the items such as 1.3.2. of Ch. I, items 2.1.2. and 2.1.6. of Ch. II of these terms the Lessor is entitled not to return the amount of loan determined for leased vehicle.


Monthly maintenance;

Wrecker truck;

Alternate vehicle for restoration period;

Vehicle delivery to opportune time and place.