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The most common questions about car rental:

Who can rent a car? Legal entities, individuals.
Residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Age of the lessee - at least 25 years
Driving experience - at least 3 years
What is the cost of renting a car? From $ 35 to $ 150. Over 1 day - discounts!
Where is it allowed to operate the car? Car rental is possible in Bishkek and throughout Kyrgyzstan
Is there a limit on the distance per day? 250 km per day
What is the payment for exceeding the daily limit? $ 0.35 per km
What is the amount of the guarantee fee? From $ 500 to $ 1000 depending on the car
How long will it take to process the documents? 10-15 minutes
Where can I pick up a car? Office of the company, Manas airport, any convenient place for the client
What are the options for renting a car? With driver, without driver
Is there a GPS service in the car? On request, if available
Is there a child seat? On request, if available
How can I pay for renting a car? Cash and bank transfer, VISA plastic card
Are the cars insured? All cars are insured
Is passenger insurance possible? Yes, at the request of the client
Can I get legal support? Yes, in case of an accident, assistance is provided to the traffic police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.